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Breaksite, Suddenly the British Prime Minister at the EU headquarters

ব্রাসেলসে ইইউ সদর দপ্তরে ওই জোটের নেতা জাঙ্কারের সঙ্গে ব্রিটিশ প্রধানমন্ত্রী থেরেসা মে (বাঁয়ে)। ছবি: এএফপি

British Prime Minister Theresa May (left) with Junker leader Junker at the EU headquarters in Brussels. Photo: AFP


The British Prime Minister Theresa May went to the European Union (EU) home office in Brussels on Wednesday night. Since the following Sunday is to discover a few answers for the best meetings that should be settled on the break-related unfulfilled obligations and some dubious issues.

At the point when the British Prime Minister came back to London from Brussels, he said that he will profit to Brussels again for Saturday. Within the sight of best pioneers of the UK and EU alliance, Sunday, Brussels has consented to draft a draft bargain. It is normal that in the desire for more profit by the proposed draft assertion, Prime Minister Hasina came to Brussels to meet with European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker in May. Albeit the two gatherings have made the discourse productive, essentially the major issues of the back payments have not been uncovered. Be that as it may, the consequences of the very late dialog on Sunday will be accessible.

English Prime Minister Thérésa May is very unfriendly about the issues identified with the breaks and some sensitive issues. Then, European pioneers have likewise said that there is no other rebate on the draft-related draft understanding. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel won’t go to Brussels if the draft understanding isn’t settled before Sunday. Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said that if the British Island in the Spanish region is anything but an unmistakable answer for Gibraltar, at that point it will veto the Sunday summit.

The UK has just begun a political tempest, giving its full shape to the draft of the 585-page report that has just been finished for the year and a half. PM Theresa May come back to Brussels to go to the fundamental gathering on Saturday.

In the recently finished draft assertion, the breaker will be powerful on March 29, Then, as a between the time course of action, the present relations will proceed till July 2020. On the off chance that there is no arrangement as a broken course of action, the between time game plan will be finished on 31 December of 2020. Regardless of whether the two gatherings decide the connection between the future exchange and different trades, at that point, the term of the break game plan will increment further.

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