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Why is the money coming up?

বাংলা একাডেমিতে আশনা হাবিব ভাবনা। ছবি: প্রথম আলো


Performer Ashna Habib ponders TV. That is likewise on exceptional days. Be that as it may, now he needs to accomplish more work. What actions is he taking to set aside extra cash?

Performing artist Asha Habib came to Dhaka International Literary Festival, which began today at Bangla Academy on Thursday morning. He came to see the motion picture ‘Manto’. Be that as it may, I need to come each day. Participate in the coveted session. The idea stated, ‘I originated from Mirpur. I went to meet the offspring of a volunteer association named MayurPankhi. They are working for the welfare of the housemaid youngsters. Many don’t have fathers, mother works. Numerous guardians don’t work once more. It’s been very enjoyable to invest energy with the youngsters. Huge numbers of them need to wind up greater police. A four-year-old tyke stated, she needs to be a courageous woman.

Many volunteer associations can bolster the association in the most ideal way. He will set aside extra cash for him. In addition, there is an extraordinary expense before his birthday, in which he has an incredible expense. What has that cost? Bhuna stated, ‘I composed a short film screenplay. An account of learning. I figured I would deliver myself. The story is to such an extent that somebody probably won’t consent to create.

At the point when will it work? The idea stated, ‘I need to act in my film, Prosenjit. In any case, he doesn’t work in a short film. On the off chance that we discover somebody who can work with the instructor, we will begin shooting.

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